The Benefits of Freelance

     I’ve been a professional “Girl Friday” in the realm of technology since I can remember. Without aging myself, I come from a time when Radio Shack was a “happening” and a fun Thursday night on campus was learning how to “Fetch” and run Kermit. In the beginning, I learned to program in COBOL and FORTRAN and have an appreciation for those who are embedded system software engineers. My journey took a turn in the early 1990’s to debugging code and presenting what software engineers have created or explaining and demonstrating to others the “cool features” of an app, program or web page, and less programming. Front-end web design, content creation, installations, backups, and use of programs are my specialty at the moment.

     So, what brought me to Toptal is a company can have the best engineers and developers, but without someone to explain, demonstrate, and show practical or entertainment application value, the product can be rendered useless to the market that may need the piece of software created. Technology is supposed to make life easier, and more fun! Cool even!

     Why to I want to be a freelancer? But, oh, let me count the ways! Creativity for me comes in spurts. In the regular rat race, I would be given a desk from 8am-5pm in Cubicle Land in a medium to extra-large company and given a piece of something to do and an immediate supervisor who may know a bit more than me, but not really, and some deadline that makes no sense. I probably would have to drive there for that privilege and given I live an hour and 15 minutes away from a major metro area, that is impractical. Plus, I have a family to support and the CEO of my household, I prefer to be home to manage the underlings!

     What am I good at? Document manipulation in a variety of programs and if I don’t have experience, I have the dedication to learn how to efficiently use an application. I am proficient in both Mac and Windows platforms, have prior programming experience and have the transcripts to prove I showed up for class, examples of technical, instructional, and other writings, have used applications and software, and can demonstrate proficiency in installing and using common and uncommon applications. My day is full of editing, proofing, writing, and logical research. My strengths are knowing people and understanding how to overcome barriers, a problem solver through progression. I have years of social media experience, WordPress, SEO Optimization, adding in visuals, and have written presentations, speeches, and documents related to Employment and Training. I have been hired as a Personal Assistant/HR to a couple of engineers in my life and the relationship works out very well.

     I like to choose some of my destiny and like productivity time to be when I am on a run, or at least when the Twinkies and Mountain Dew are available. And the rewards are, when I work, I get compensated, and I have the discipline to work when I should. Being a results-oriented individual is something I take pride in.

     There is plenty of work out there, I want a place to work through and get the correct feedback to improve for the next job, which Toptal is known for in the industry. I am after work I want to do, not have to do and have the potential to grow as a professional. In specific, I would like to belong to the Toptal Software Engineering Network.

     As for the benefits that others are after? I have that already handled, and why change a great thing!

     I would like to be considered for freelance work and to be given the chance to use what I know while dusting off the skills I have not used in awhile, get up to speed, as it will. So, anyone who is looking for a “Keyboard Jockey for Hire,” look no further than right here.