About the Author

Facts about the author:

**Born in Richland Center, WI in 1969, the author spent the first 3.5 years of life living in Darlington, WI.
**The family then moved to Richland Center, WI where both the paternal and maternal family have very, very deep roots.
**Both sides of the family have lived in Richland, Grant or Crawford county for over 150 years.
**All 13 years of primary and secondary school were spent in the Richland School District.
**A 2 year degree from the University of Wisconsin-Richland Center–an Associate of Arts was obtained in May 1989.
**University of Wisconsin-Platteville alumni, graduating in Broadcast Technology Management with a Bachelor of Science Degree in 1993 and a lengthy stint in the Computer Science Department, life happened causing an ending to school and the beginning of Entrepreneurship.
**Married in the summer of 1991.
**In 1994, the author briefly lived in Iowa and then moved to Winona, MN where the author resided until a non-normative event happened that
changed the life of the author and by that time, three children in October 2007.

**TagTeam Solutions in 2003.
**Children born in 1996, 2004, and 2006.

**The author promptly moved back to Richland County and since 2007 has happily called Richland County home again.

Currently a Bee Keeper, President and CEO of Designs by Darlene and Backyard Bees, the nagging and creative side of the brain begged for an outlet, thus the continuation of driftlessareaink.com.

**”Yes” to three wonderful children! They may be the subject of some of the pictures and writings.
**”Yes” to having a significant other that the author deeply wishes to be married to. This person is also a contributing person to the site in many wonderful ways!

The Platinum Rule is followed here. It states, “Do unto others as they would do unto themselves.”

We also follow the motto by Love and Logic guru Paul Gasser–Respect, Responsibility and Resourcefulness. We cite sources if the work is not original. The point of this blog/site is original work.

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