In the beginning…

Welcome to the Driftless Area Ink page!  Created to highlight Southwest Wisconsin and our experiences living in this area of the world, if you like what you see, please comment and visit often! Coming soon, pictures, postcards of the past and interesting cultural art. The hope is if you are from outside the region that you may want to pay a visit here, make a memory to treasure and share your experience with others. Whether you are passing through, decide to stay awhile, use this area as a vacation destination or are curious about the culture, that your view of what Southwest Wisconsin is not only favorable, but memorable!


Why choose the name Driftless Area Ink?

In layman’s terms, this area of the country during the last Ice Age was “skipped,” leaving the landscape with many really different features not found anywhere else in the world!  Now, I know that is the most simple way of stating this, so please Google Driftless Area if you need scientific information about geographical and historical information.  It is fascinating!  My focus is on the “INK” part, which to me is the creativity due to the invention of special dyes used in writing, picture taking and paint pigments to help tell the story.  Please join me in telling the story of the Driftless Area.   Thank You!

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